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All of our advanced massage therapists and Health Educators are California State Certified


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Body Realm Center is re-shaping how people utilize massage therapy for recovery and wellness through client experience and education. Clients come to us to alleviate pain from sports and occupational injuries, muscular tension and stress and leave with a better understanding of their aches and pains and what to do to achieve and maintain results. We help you resume workouts and train harder without nagging pain or movement restrictions. We help you travel without dreading the long hours of sitting in a car or on a plane. We help you to sleep better and get through your days pain free so you can enjoy quality time with the ones you love. Let us help you feel better and schedule with us today.


All clients can expect the following


Personalized Treatment

Every session is tailored around your fitness and wellness goals.


Injury Prevention

A thorough health intake and assessment before and after every session provides you with customized self-care instructions for prevention and maintenance specific to our findings.

A Full Session

Receive a full 60 minutes or 90 minutes of bodywork when your session begins on time.

Knowledgeable Therapists

Our California Certified Massage Therapists have taken additional courses, workshops and internships to advance their knowledge in manual therapy.


“They have an outstanding knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. For years I’ve tried prescription meds, herbal supplements, chiropractors and acupuncturists to try and alleviate my chronic neck pain. They were able to pinpoint the source of my pain right away!”

– Sara K

“Body Realm Center is friendly, professional and really work to educate you. They’re the best I’ve been to for athletic massage, and they’ve helped me feel better and stronger after each session.”

– Aaron D

“For cyclists or Triathletes, I highly recommend Body Realm Center. They consult with you before and after the massage and focus the session with your performance goals in mind.”

– Gary C.


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Being in pain has cost you enough. It’s time to identify and resolve the problem. We will help move you from pain management to wellness care where help you maintain the results and help you experience life again, pain free. Schedule your appointment with us today.



CMT, Founder
Sports & Orthopedic Massage Therapist
CAMTC# 31521

Qiana is a California Certified Massage Therapist and owner of Body Realm Center, Inc. She graduated from the National Holistic Institute in 2001 and her journey to specializing in sports and orthopedic massage began.  Working closely with clients of an onsite physical therapy clinic in a boutique gym, she helped clients with an array of sports and occupational injuries, personal injury and workman’s compensation cases, as well as those experiencing pain and discomfort from post-operation or acute and chronic pain.  She is passionate about educating her clients and helping them to understand their pain experience and crafting a custom self-care plan that gets results.  Now with over 18 years of experience, her methodology has helped thousands of clients alleviate their pain and have a much deeper understanding of their body and how to best care for themselves. When she is not with clients, Qiana enjoys training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She is currently a brown belt and in her competition days has taken first place in the 2014 Master Senior Worlds as a blue belt and 2015 in the US Open as a purple belt. 


1001 Sneath Ln. Ste. 105

San Bruno, CA 94066


(415) 949-3682


By Appointment Only

9:00am – 9:00pm

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